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pic of Passier Bridle
Type: Double
Manufacturer: Passier
Model: Hubertus Schmidt
Size: Horse
Color: Black
Reins: Flat reins. Snaffle rein is rubber lined
Noseband: Padded
Fittings: Stainless steel
Bits: No
Condition: Very good
Notes: This bridle has been gently used. It has a padded crown piece and noseband. One slight modification was to the crown piece. The horse I was using it on has a small head, and the crown piece was stitched in such a way that I couldn’t adjust the bridle to accommodate this horse. So, a saddler detached the padding from the crown piece and put snaps on either side so that the crown piece can be adjusted to fit more sizes. See photo.
Price: $200.00
pic of Passier Bridle stamp